You only get one chance to make a first impression and on the Internet you have about one to three seconds to make that first impression a good one.

Good branding and website design can assure that first impression is a good one. Design and branding is the visual language used to communicate your company’s mission and vision. You can set you organization apart from the other start-ups by creating a visual language that consistently communicates your products and services to customers. This language includes a logo, colors, design elements, and typography that work together to create a connection between your company’s mission and your clients that builds trust and credibility.

First impressions are important, but so are the other ones. They are your chance to assure your clients that you can live up to your positive impression. Every time you put your company message out there – website, stationary, advertising, social media – it carries with it an impression of your company. Consistency in design and branding elements is key to making sure that impression is professional and reflects your company’s mission. You others to see your company’s hard work and professional image carried through to everything it does. If you have a website with a mish mash of design styles, or poorly executed design, it could drive people away. They may think your service or product lacks planning and thought in the same way your website or branding does.

Make good design and branding part of your business strategy from the beginning. Branding should extend to every aspect of your business communications so they are all working together to build your brand and identity.


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