How Much Does a Website Cost?

That question can be tough to answer. It’s a little like asking, “How much is a car?” The answer depends on what you need.

Small businesses and non-profits want to create branding and digital media that communicates their story, connects with their audience, and expands their mission. At 839design we’ve identified the essential components needed to accomplish this:

 A logo and branding that can tell your story and mission consistently across all mediums

 Digital and print marketing that incorporates your brand and provides customers with a clear ‘call to action

 A website that is responsive, interactive, and optimized for search engines

mockup with price tag

With these components in mind, we created a branding and online marketing package that provides you with an affordable way to build a strong and comprehensive online presence.

Looking for a worry-free website? We offer that too. For one low monthly fee we will take care of all aspects of your website: content updates, hosting, software updates, website backups, and we’ll send you monthly analytics reports.

If you feel your business or organization would benefit from a more custom project, just reach out to us and we’ll give you a quote based on your specific needs.

Product Packages

All-Inclusive Package

Our All-Inclusive Package includes all the items you will need to create a strong online presence for your organization. Check out an example of our All-Inclusive package.



Three distinct logo design concepts from which you will choose one. If needed, we will provide up to three logo revisions based on your feedback.


Brand Board

A custom board that includes your primary logo,  favicon, font suggestions, custom color palette, and graphic elements.


Print Marketing

Customized business card design, and your choice of either a  flyer or postcard design. These can be created for marketing a service, product, or event. All print designs incorporate your logo and branding.


Digital Marketing

Social Media cover graphic and a profile graphic based on your branding and logo for up to three different social media sites.


Website Design & Development

A  WordPress theme customized with your branding that inclues a homepage and up to five interior pages based on your needs.


Website Interactivity

We’ll make sure your users can interact with your site by including two interactive elements such as a Contact Us Form, Newsletter Sign-Up Form, Gallery, Slider, and/or Google Maps.


Email Accounts

Up to five domain specific emails (,, etc.) set up with forwarding if needed .


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our websites are built using search engine friendly site development, on-page SEO, and responsive designs so they can be viewed on multiple devices. All these factors contribute to your position on the search result pages.


Technical Support

As well as providing tutorials for managing your website, we also provide thirty days of email support after the launch of your website. We’ll answer any questions that come up during that time and work through any problems with you.


Hosting and Domain

As an added bonus, we will set up domain and hosting for your website. We even cover the cost for the first year!

Monthly Maintenance


Theme Updates


WordPress Updates


Content Updates


Analytic Reports


Technical Support


Website Backup

One Page Website


HTML one-page website


Search engine friendly site development


On-page SEO


Responsive Design

Ready to get started? Questions? That’s what we’re here for!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I order a package?

Once you order a package, you will a pay a $50 deposit and be sent an in-depth questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask information about your business, your goals, your mission, your style preferences, as well as questions specific to the product you are purchasing. Once we receive your answers, we will set up a time to discuss your project with you. We generally meet with clients in a virtual environment, but we also can call or email. During this time we will share with you our vision and plans for moving forward. If you decide to move forward with us, you will be sent a contract with all project details, a project timeline, and a payment schedule for the project. The $50 deposit will be put towards your project price.

Can we talk before I decide?

Sure! We would be happy to discuss your project with you. We offer complimentary 30-minute meetings where you can ask all your questions. We want you to feel confident about moving forward with your project. You can email your request, or use our contact form to request a meeting.

What if I want more than three social media cover and profile graphics?

That’s no problem, we can make as many as you need. Three are included in the package, but you can add additional profiles for $75 each.

We also create digital marketing such as blog post templates, and banners. You can contact us with your specific needs and we will send you a quote.

How do I create print marketing materials?

Using your logo and branding, we’ll design a business card and your choice of either a marketing flyer, or a post card. You supply the content, and we create the design. The files we create can be easily uploaded to Moo. If you prefer to use a different printer, please include their information and we’ll create the designs according to their specs.

We know that sometimes businesses use print materials other than flyers or post cards. If this is the case, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your alternative print marketing needs with you.

Do we pay all at once?

For the All-Inclusive Package, you will make a $50 depost and pay the remainder in three payments over the course of the project. The deposit is due at the time of purchase, and the payment schedule for the remaining payments will be sent to you along with the project timeline and contract.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal.  Initially, you will only be charged $50 regardless of the package your choose.

Is the $50 deposit refundable?

No, the deposit is non-refundable. Once we get your deposit and completed questionnaire, we begin investing our time in creating a client brief and concept so we can give you an accurate timeline for your project.

Your deposit is applied to the package price.

What hosting do you use and who owns the domain?

There are a lot of good hosting services out there. Currently, we use GoDaddy for both hosting and the domain. They are reasonably priced, but more importantly, they have great customer service. This is really important to small businesses who may run into problems and want to get someone on the phone immediately. GoDaddy provides 24/7 support.

We will purchase your domain and hosting for the first year. You will own it. It will be under you name, not ours. We will set up your WordPress install, email, domain, and upload your website. After we launch your website, you will have full access to the hosting account. After the first year, you will be responsible for paying for hosting and domain renewal. You will also be able to go to another service if you choose.

If you already have hosting and a domain, or prefer to use another host you can contact us with details and we’ll let you know if we would be able to help you.

What are the specific deliverables?

In addition to the design services and website development, you will be provided with specific deliverables, which are simply the product of the design and development of your product.

Logo & Branding Deliverables

  • A set of high resolution rasterized logo files (300dpi) for print materials
  • A set of high resolution web logo files (72dpi) in various sizes to use in digital media
  • A Brand Board in .jpg format that includes your logo, suggested fonts, suggested color palette, and suggested graphic elements that could be included on a website

Print & Digital Marketing Deliverables

  • A high resolution rasterized file (300dpi) with your business card design
  • A high resolution rasterized file (300dpi) with your flyer or poster design
  • Up to three web files  (72dpi) with profile images that reflect your branding (One for each of the social media sites you choose. These web files are usually in .jpg format, but may be in .png format depending on the graphic.)
  • Up to three web files (72dpi) with cover graphics that reflect your branding. One for each of the social media sites you choose.

 Web Design & Development Deliverables

  • A mockup of the homepage for your website
  • A live prototype of your website that will include your logo, branding, digital elements, and fonts in an interactive format so that you can see the design and interactivity
  • One install of the most current version of WordPress on your hosting account
  • One customized WordPress theme uploaded to your hosting account
  • A fully functioning website with a home page and up to five interior pages and up to two interactive elements
  • Up to five emails on your hosting account
  • Hosting and domain from GoDaddy for a year
  • Tutorial on accessing the epanel of your hosting account, your WordPress website, and your web email accounts

How Long Does it Take to Create a Website?

The time varies depending on the project. We will provide you with our expected timeline when we submit our proposal to you. The time frame will also be dependent on how quickly we receive feedback and approvals from the client.